Keep going

What is a phd student working on? Pretty much! However when it comes to a science phd student, especially a theoretical science stu, probably, s/he is coding.

coding morning, coding noon, coding evening, coding dream… Where will eventually the program lead you to? No one knows but trying. But I am dying in those cold and sometimes dummy and silly computer languages. I know it was always because of the coder that made the code disfunction, however, sometimes I couldn’t help complaining why couldn’t the computer being just smart for once? to understand those was just a typo, that shouldn’t like this?

But back to reason, there’s no way to blame the computer… It was he doing the labor anyway!

But I am exhausted by all those trivial things what should I do? crying self-evidently is of no use.

Just keep going. Start on where you get stuck.


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