Hello, I am a graduate student working on science (well probably more precisely on physics, applied mathematics, plus computer science…).

But I am not telling you what exactly I am doing. That would be boring for some of you. However, it is nice to give you some introduction as well as some updates of what scientists are doing those days to make our everyday life better. Because ultimately those complicated equations, data, and plots are connected with the society we live in, the nature we are surrounded by, and the universe we cannot escape from (and we enjoy staying there too!). Science alters our way of life. Everyone of us will benefit from the scientific discovery eventually, it is just a matter of time.

Nevertheless that’s not the purpose of my blog. Every post is just for the pleasure of myself at the first place. I post my travel logs; I note down what I see during the day and my reflection on that; I sometimes make it as my memorandum; I also write nonsense that only makes sense to myself. But I am more than happy if you also find those little posts enjoyable!



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